The third Droptail commission from Rolls-Royce Coachbuild, Rolls-Royce Arcadia Droptail is an exquisite expression of tranquillity.

The hand-built roadster celebrates purity of form and natural materials while serving as a bold statement of the commissioning client’s personal tastes, defined by precision and subtle restraint.

Side profile of Arcadia Droptail on a concrete platform with it's reflection appearing in the water


Arcadia Droptail derives its name from the mythical realm of Arcadia, a land depicted in Ancient Greek mythology as ‘Heaven on Earth,’ renowned for its extraordinary
natural beauty and perfect harmony.

Like the haven that inspires its name, Arcadia Droptail was envisioned by the commissioning client as a serene space characterised by reduction, material depth,
and tactility.

Rear angle of Arcadia Droptail with passenger door open.


Inspired by a fine piece of furniture in the client’s home, Santos Straight Grain — a high-density, delicate wood — was selected for the interior and exterior woodwork based on its visual intrigue and rich texture, derived from its interlocking grain pattern. The grain type is the finest of any wood species used within a Rolls-Royce, presenting designers with a unique challenge when manipulating and drying the material.

The aerodynamically functional rear deck displays the Santos Straight Grain open pore veneer at a perfect 55° angle. As Arcadia Droptail is intended for international use, including in tropical climates, Rolls-Royce specialists developed a protective Bespoke lacquer for the exterior wood surfaces that requires just a single application for the motor car’s lifetime. To validate the coating, specialists devised a testing protocol that subjected the veneer pieces to extreme global weather simulations.
In total, Arcadia Droptail’s wood pieces and protective coating required more than 8,000 hours of development and 1,000 hours of testing.


The leather interior is finished in two Bespoke hues named after the client and reserved exclusively for their use. The main white colour continues the exterior paint theme, while the contrast tan colour was developed to perfectly match the Santos Straight Grain wood.

Interior image of Arcadia Droptail leather seats with Rolls-Royce monogram


Cocooning both driver and passenger, the shawl panel and central cantilevered ‘plinth’ armrest are meticulously crafted from Santos Straight Grain open pore veneer. The shawl panel — book‑matched at the same 55° angle as the deck — is formed from individually shaped stripes. Although it appears to be constructed from mirrored veneer sections, the panel alone is realised from 40 sections, each digitally mapped using CAD tools.

Applying wood to the complex interior curvatures required Rolls‑Royce engineers to develop an entirely new substructure. They employed the carbon fibre layering techniques used in Formula 1 motor racing to develop a stiff base onto which the wood could be applied, ensuring that it remains secure regardless of the dynamic extremes experienced.



Assembled for five months and developed for over two years, Arcadia Droptail houses the most complex Rolls‑Royce clock face ever created.

With 119 facets, the clock’s guilloché pattern symbolises the marque’s heritage — the client first previewed their coachbuilt commission in the same year that
Rolls‑Royce celebrated its 119-year anniversary.

While many haute horlogerie methods were used to develop the timepiece, the marque’s testing and validation standards went to further extremes, with specialists exploring an expansive palette of materials to guarantee the clock’s longevity. Instead of anodising the minute marker — a common practice in timepiece manufacturing — the marker is finished in a ceramic coating chosen for its stability over time as well as aesthetic merits.

Collage image of the timepiece and overview shot of Arcadia front interior


The commissioning client requested that Arcadia Droptail be faithful to the earliest hand-drawn sketch presented to them in 2019, having deeply resonated with the roadster profile, low stance, and dramatic body lines.

Developed by Rolls-Royce Coachbuild designers, the calm duotone exterior colourway amplifies the coachwork’s form and proportions. The white main body colour is infused with aluminium and glass particles, creating the illusion of unending depth. In contrast, the upper surfaces are adorned with an intensive, metallic Bespoke silver. The paints reflect sunlight and cast dramatic shadows to showcase the motor car’s subtle design gestures.

In a key departure from the other two coachbuilt Droptails, the carbon fibre used to construct
the lower sections of Arcadia Droptail are painted in a solid colour rather than left fully or partially exposed, visually lifting the motor car’s profile to intensify its lithe, dynamic intent.

Overhead angle of Arcadia Droptail on a concrete platform with the doors open and roof open

Close up of the Arcadia Droptail rear interior wood paneling and Rolls-Royce monogram
Macro image of Arcadia unique exterior shape and wooden features


In tribute to the brilliant mirror finish of brightwork on historical Rolls-Royces, the exterior grille surround, ‘kinked’ vane pieces, and 22-inch alloy wheels are fully mirror-polished.


Meticulously crafted for over four intensive years, Arcadia Droptail’s significance lies in its exquisitely minimal execution and the expertise of Rolls-Royce Coachbuild designers in capturing the sensibilities of an individual.

Collage image of the SOE and overview shot of Arcadia wood paneling

‘Arcadia Droptail is deeply connected to the client’s personality and preferences, and in capturing their character, we have been empowered to make inspiring design, craft, and engineering statements that show the world our ambition and unparalleled abilities.’

Cherry tree blossomed with the sky and water in the background

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