When renowned Emirati artist Mohammed Kazem visited the Home of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Goodwood, he spent time getting to know the company’s skilled craftspeople. It was a meeting of creative minds and ideas that provided rich inspiration for both parties were shared.


There is an innate link between art and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. True art represents creative freedom, a strong vision and the focus to express oneself in order to make that vision a reality. 

Indeed, Rolls-Royce craftspeople and artists share the same spirit. Whether a sculpture, a painting or a Bespoke car, each of these mediums have a meaning and presence far greater than the item itself.

When these two worlds meet it can be truly inspiring. When conceptual and interdisciplinary artist, Mohammed Kazem visited Rolls-Royce’s headquarters at Goodwood, he brought with him the genesis of an idea.


Just as Kazem was inspired by the many craftspeople he met at The Home of Rolls-Royce, so too did he inspire them. A Bespoke Wraith is being crafted from the same conceptual foundation – one work of art inspiring the other. The Bespoke Design team, led by Michael Bryden, found great creative opportunity in Kazem’s work, “We were particularly taken by the feel of Mohammed’s Direction Series,” says Bryden. “We really wanted to embody its contemporary nature and the use of striking colours in this motor car.”

And so, both the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Design team and artist were motivated by each other’s ideas and appetite for expression.

Bryden and his team are finding ways to reflect Kazem’s work in the Bespoke Wraith. “We were inspired by his artwork and are finding creative ways to use coordinates throughout the car,” he says, “most prominently in the Bespoke Starlight Headliner.”


“I use technology and more conventional, handcrafted methods,” Kazem states. “The sculpture has been worked on at Sitterwerk in Switzerland, where I collaborated with Marc Krcek, Production Co-ordinator using highly technological methods, and there are two or three parts of the process. There’s a beauty to the mixture of technology and hand-crafting skills - it’s very similar to how Rolls-Royce works.”

Bryden adds: “Within Rolls-Royce there is a unique combination of hand-crafting skills - particularly with the Starlight Headliner - and technology that brings out exceptional detail. Mohammed is right, the combination of modern and conventional creative skills is something that we definitely share.”

Ultimately, there is no distinction between car and sculpture, or between the works of an artist or a craftsperson. Both works will form a singular concept when shown together – one that is only possible through the collaboration of creative minds. 

“With our Bespoke skills you can create art,” Bryden says. “When the car and the sculpture are viewed together Mohammed’s concept will be easily apparent.”

“There is an aura to the work,” Kazem states, “The directions come together to create an infinity of meaning.”


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