Selection of bespoke leather options for your Rolls-Royce motor car Selection of bespoke leather options for your Rolls-Royce motor car Selection of bespoke leather options for your Rolls-Royce motor car Selection of bespoke leather options for your Rolls-Royce motor car



Rolls-Royce leather is a work of exquisite artistry.

There are endless ways in which a Rolls-Royce outshines all other motor cars in existence. The same can be said of our leather, which is, without question, the finest in the world.

We have worked alongside our trusted farmers for nearly two decades, raising bulls in impeccable conditions with the utmost care for their wellbeing. The humid, temperate surroundings of their home keeps their skin healthy and supple, while the lush grass they graze is full of immunity-boosting nutrients and antioxidants.

A close-up shot of different shades of blue folded leathers and a yellow cloth

Only the highest quality leather meets the Rolls-Royce standard.

The selection process is rigorous. Using chalk markings, our leather experts identify and eliminate any scars, insect bites or other imperfections, no matter how minor. However, this initial approval is only the first step. Once the perfect material is selected, it’s put through intensive measures that test the leather’s overall performance and longevity. One such measure involves placing the leather in a temperature-controlled chamber that’s chilled to exactly -10°C, then rapidly heated to 100°C degrees. This meticulous adjustment is carried out once every 24 hours, for ten days. Rolls-Royce leather can only be signed-off once it is proven to withstand the most extreme of conditions.

A close up shot of two sheets of leather, one blue and the other yellow, alongside a pair of leatherworking tools

Renowned for its saturated, bespoke colour, any colour a client desires is achievable by our team.

Interior of Rolls-Royce motor car with bespoke leather alongside image of colour-matched thread

The colour-matching process is deceivingly complex. Colours must be considered from all angles, in all variations of light, until absolutely perfect. To achieve the highest calibre of colour, Rolls-Royce leather embarks on a process where it is tumbled in pigment to give an intense payoff that permeates at every level, as opposed to just the top layer. This technique also ensures that over time, the material ages beautifully and evenly.

Silence is an essential element of the signature Rolls-Royce ride. Given this, even the sound of our leather must be considered – ensuring it never catches or squeaks. To function without sound, our leather is placed within an immense, revolving drum for eight to sixteen hours until a truly sumptuous texture is achieved. This special treatment ensures sitting back is an uninterrupted and peaceful affair, a detail that often takes our clients by surprise.

Exterior side view of parked bespoke Rolls-Royce motor car with personalised leather headrest

Bespoke leather serves as a shining example of the thoughtfulness that elevates Rolls-Royce beyond measure.

Discover a world of possibility with Bespoke.

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Rolls-Royce artisans and craftspeople will help you fashion something truly unique to you, and bring your vision to life.

Bespoke - Craft

Rolls-Royce artisans and craftspeople will help you fashion something truly unique to you, and bring your vision to life.

A spirited coupé with style, drama and pace.


A spirited coupé with style, drama and pace.

Exquisite craftsmanship and elegance collide in our exclusive six-piece collection.

The Art Of Packing: Wraith Luggage

Exquisite craftsmanship and elegance collide in our exclusive six-piece collection.

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Goodwood Factory Tours

Do you offer factory tours of Goodwood?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer a public tour programme. Should this change in the future, we will update our website. 

Brochure Requests

Can I have a brochure?

All brochures can be viewed and downloaded within the model pages online or within enquiries. We no longer produce printed brochures.

Career Interest

I am interested in pursuing a career within Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, how can I apply?

All current opportunities are advertised on the careers page. Should you wish to register your interest or submit an application, please visit the careers page and follow the instructions. Vacancies for Apprenticeships and Internships are also advertised here. 


Do you offer work experience placements?

Regrettably, due to the volume of requests we receive for work experience placements from the children of our employees, we are unable to offer a placement at this time.

Looking further to the future, we offer a range of Apprenticeships and a Graduate Scheme, details of which can be found on the careers page on our website.


I would like to collaborate with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Unfortunately, due the volume of request we receive of this nature we cannot accept collaboration requests. 


I have some designs or ideas that I would like to show Rolls-Royce, who can I speak to?

We receive many requests for submission of design ideas and we are not permitted to accept ideas from any persons outside of the business. 

Classic Motor Cars

I need information about my classic Rolls-Royce (built prior to 2003)

All motorcars built before 2003 (both Rolls-Royce and Bentley) and their related history are dealt with by the Bentley organisation. The Bentley Heritage website could be a useful source of information for you.

If you have any questions about Rolls-Royce motor cars built after 2003 please get in touch with us on the details below and one of our client specialists will be happy to assist you.

Telephone: 01243 525700                              


How can I request sponsorship from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars?

We receive many requests for sponsorship, funding and donations, and whilst we are a keen supporter of local charities sadly we cannot support every worthy cause which is brought to our attention. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars selects a house charity each year to be our primary charitable focus, for 2019 the charity we have chosen is Home-Start Arun.

Home-Start Arun promotes the welfare of families in the Arun, Worthing and Adur District Council areas, to alleviate stress and conflict at home and prevent family crisis and breakdown. 


Can you give me the prices of your models?

The prices of our model range would depend on the specification. For further information please contact your nearest Rolls-Royce dealership who will be delighted to assist you further.

Please follow the link to locate your nearest Rolls-Royce Motor Cars authorized dealership by selecting 'Enquiry' then 'Find a Dealer' from the top right hand side.


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Where is my nearest authorised Rolls-Royce Motor Cars dealership?

Please follow the link to locate your nearest Rolls-Royce Motor Cars authorized dealership by selecting 'Enquiry' then 'Find a Dealer' from the top right hand side.

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I would like to download some Rolls-Royce pictures and videos.

We recommend you visit our social media pages where you will find official Rolls-Royce photos and videos of all of our models. You can also visit our press page for recent news and updates. Don’t forget to like and share!

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Rolls-Royce Merchandise

Where can I purchase Rolls-Royce Motor Cars merchandise?

Our merchandise may only be purchased through an authorised Rolls-Royce Motor Cars dealership —  however — you may begin the process online. Using our online Boutique, simply add your desired items to your shopping basket. Once you have created your “List”, select the “Submit to a Dealer” button. A dealer will then be in touch to confirm your order.


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, The Drive, Westhampnett, Chichester, PO18 0SH.
Telephone: 01243 525700
Opening times Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

If you are based in North America, please email


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and Rolls-Royce PLC

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd. is a separate legal entity from Rolls-Royce PLC and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BMW Group. Based at Goodwood near Chichester in West Sussex, it commenced business on 1st January 2003 as its new global production facility. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars manufactures and sells the worlds pinnacle super-luxury automobiles, including the Phantom, Ghost, Wraith, Dawn and Cullinan models. 

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Access to the 'My Rolls-Royce' portal is exclusively for existing clients of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. If you apply and we are unable to match your details we will decline your request. If you feel we have made a mistake on the decision please email

Certificate of Conformity (COC)

How do I request a Certificate of Conformity?

A certificate of conformity is no longer available directly from our head office. Requests are now dealt with by any authorised Rolls-Royce Motor Cars dealerships.

To find a full list of current dealerships and the one most convenient to you please use the dealership locating section on our website.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars client complaints procedure

How can I register a complaint about my Rolls-Royce vehicle / the service provided to me?

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is committed to producing and delivering products and services of the highest standard, but we do understand that sometimes things can go wrong. If you have a concern or are dissatisfied in any way, please visit this page for more details.

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