The Surface Finishing Centre is where colour comes to life. Matching and mixing the different shades of paint involves an exceptional eye for colour. Hand-painting each five-metre coachline demands the utmost precision. And achieving our iconic, mirror-like finish takes hours of meticulous hand-polishing.

When it comes to the overall finish of your Rolls-Royce, there really are no compromises.


Achieving the flawless, Rolls-Royce colour and piano-shine finish is nothing short of extraordinary. After at least five layers of paint – two of which are a high-gloss clear coat – our inspectors spend up to five hours rigorously checking the surface of each motor car.

“Once we’re satisfied the paintwork’s perfect, we meticulously sand the entire car by hand to flatten the paint. It’s then polished for up to five hours using special lambswool mops, which rotate at around 2,200 times per minute,” explains Sam Wilman from the Surface Finishing Centre.

Painstaking precision is a significant factor behind the success of the Rolls-Royce paintwork. And that level of perfection is never easy to achieve. When creating the Bespoke Chief Inspector Morse Wraith, our colour experts had the challenge of applying a very specific two-tone finish.

Instead of splitting the colours along the shoulder line, so the bonnet and rear matched the roof, the roof needed to be the only contrasting colour. Our Surface Finishing team gradually applied 20 layers of paint, checking the quality between each layer. If there were any imperfections, they’d have to start again.

Also requiring meticulous attention to detail are the coachlines. A Bespoke finishing touch, coachlines are an opportunity to add a distinct detail to the exterior of your Rolls-Royce. Each five-metre line takes one specialist three hours and a steady hand to paint. Using a brush made from ox and squirrel hair, each individual line is a true work of art.


Extraordinary craftsmanship is intrinsic to our Bespoke team, especially when it comes to colour. With 44,000 individual hues ready for you to choose from, the possibilities to personalise the exterior of your Rolls-Royce are near infinite. If you want more than one colour, we can incorporate a two-tone exterior or a brushed stainless steel bonnet. And if none of the 44,000 colours capture your vision, our Bespoke paint specialists can match a swatch just for you.

“We can colour match your Rolls-Royce to absolutely anything,” explains Colour Design and Production Supervisor Steve Williams. “I’ve mixed paint to match a customer’s favourite jade necklace and the petals of a particular flower. I’ve even created paint with pure gold mixed in with it.”

But colour is only part of the story. Our experts can make truly unique finishes in paint effects. Mica, for example, is a coloured sparkle effect we can apply to a variety of different shades. Candy is a reverse-engineered three-stage process during which our experts lay the effect on first and then top it with a transparent solid colour to magnify the pearlescent effect. And Chrome is an eye-catching pigment that gives the impression of three colours in one.

One customer who dares to push our Bespoke team is Philanthropist and Entrepreneur, Mr Michael Fux. For one of his Rolls-Royce models, he asked our Paint team to create a colour that matched the translucent red of a toffee apple. After much sampling, the team got the colour just right and named it after the man himself. Fux Candy Red is now reserved exclusively for Mr Fux and Mr Fux only.


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