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This is the only official Rolls‑Royce Motor Cars Limited website. Rolls‑Royce Motor Cars Limited is responsible for the content of this website. Rolls‑Royce Motor Cars Limited is a company registered in England and Wales under company number 03522604 and has its registered office at Summit ONE, Summit Avenue Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 0FB.

Email address: enquiries@rolls‑roycemotorcars.com


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Car Configurator RROCXMLSESSIONID This cookie is needed to identify the user's configurator session within the car configurator system.
EMO VicinityUser This cookie indicates that an annonymised user is actively using the Dealer website. This cookie is deleted when the browsing session is closed.
JSESSIONID JSESSIONID This cookie indicates that an annoymised user is actively using the Provenance Pre-Owned site and is used to measure how many users are visiting the site at any given time.  This cookie is deleted when the browsing session is closed.
Load Balancer Cookies ARPT1
These cookies are used to help ensure that the content of your page loads quickly and effectively by distributing the workload across web servers. They are deleted when you close your browser.
Google Analytics

__utma Records anonymised data about a users visits to a site including:  first visit (unique visit); last visit (returning visit); Days and Visits to purchase calculations etc. 
__utmb & __utmc These cookies work in tandem to calculate visit length. Google __utmb demarks the exact arrival time, then Google __utmc registers the precise exit time of the user.
_utmz Notes where an annoyomised  visitor arrived from, grouping the information into type e.g. via a  search engine, social media, direct. This cookie also registers what keyword generated the visit (if relevant) plus geolocation data, to nearest city.
__utmv Creates  groupings based on anonymised user actions, for example, create a group for all visitors who viewed a particular link or advert. 
_ga (Universal Analytics) This cookie is used to store a unique client identifier (Client ID), which is a randomly generated number. Once the ID is generated it's stored in the cookie and is included with each hit / request sent to Google Analytics. This ID is later used by Google Analytics servers to calculate user, session, and campaign data.
The _ga cookie is a first-party cookie that can only be accessed by the domain on which the JavaScript is run.
Brightcove Player BC_BANDWIDTH Detects initial bandwidth capability of a visitors computer or device. This cookie helps to significantly improve initial rendition selection for viewing videos. If you disable this cookie, Video Cloud will still detect bandwidth by using the Brightcove Bootloader swf. Without the cookie, this must be done on each player load, consuming more bandwidth and possibly resulting in a poorer quality initial rendition.
DoubleClick DoubleClickTags  DoubleClick cookies are used to help measure the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns and to try and avoid  repeatedly showing adverts the user has already seen.  The names and numbers of these cookies used on our site will vary, depending upon the number of  advertising campaigns that are active at the time of your visit.

No personally identifiable information is used or stored by DoubleClick cookies.

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