The first ever Rolls-Royce Motor Cars European Art Drive introduced a select group of guests to some of Europe’s leading artists and collectors. A dedicated Rolls-Royce fleet escorted them in style.  


It is late August 2014 in the south of France. Blue skies, brilliant sunshine and breath-taking landscapes await an elite group of Rolls-Royce guests as they gather for what promises to be an extraordinary event.

They are taking part in the first ever Rolls-Royce Motor Cars European Art Drive. A unique event giving them privileged access to artists’ homes and studios, and bespoke accommodation – and a taste of the finest cuisine in the region. And between one studio and the next, the guests, who came from France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany, were invited to drive the entire family of Rolls-Royce motor cars through spectacular scenery.


The next day began with a drive into the hills of Provence for lunch at the Institut Gastronomie Riviera, courtesy of head chef Christophe Guibert. A training ground for professional chefs, the Institut is not usually open to the public as a restaurant. But chef Nicholas Denis and his team made an exception for Rolls-Royce.

Throughout this second day, guests drove Phantom Drophead, Ghost and Wraith, weaving their way through villages in the spectacular Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. As many observed, learning about contemporary art and cuisine, while enjoying the craftsmanship that goes into each Rolls-Royce motor car, was the perfect combination.


In the evening, Corice Arman, wife of the late French-American painter Arman, hosted a dinner at the Villa Arman. A contemporary of Andy Warhol, Arman is best known for his ‘accumulations’ – sculptures built from destroyed and then reconstructed objects. His wife welcomed guests into their villa for an unforgettable evening – one describing the surroundings as a “surrealist wonderland”.


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