Take control


True success

Uncompromising, never ordinary – innovative technology and unrivalled engineering make driving Ghost intuitive. Ghost is the enabler to a fast-paced, global lifestyle. Intricate, innovative and intuitive, this is a motor car that’s been handcrafted with unparalleled precision to ensure it lives up to the standards you demand.


Born to be bespoke

Our Bespoke service is not just about distinctive designs. It’s about bringing your unique vision to life. Personalise the dashboard with your initials. Adorn the exterior with a colour close to your heart. And make every drive a dream by choosing sleek and sculpted massage seats. Whatever inspires you, we can make possible.


Craft without compromise

Hand-built by more than 60 pairs of hands, the precision and patience our craftspeople put into Ghost make it a masterpiece in its own right. From the five coats of paint on the bodyshell to the hand-stitched leatherwork inside, perfection is the benchmark. Anything less just won’t do.


Power with purpose

A modern masterpiece of simplicity, Ghost overrules tradition. Its modern shape creates an informal presence. And the powerful grille, chrome bumper and LED headlights exude contemporary dynamism.


Born to be driven

The interior of Ghost exudes elegance. The hand-stitched leatherwork and meticulously crafted veneers surround you with contemporary style. While the at-your-fingertips driving controls make even the longest drive effortless.


Forge a silent path

Designed to make driving intuitive, Ghost combines state-of-the-art technology with world-class engineering. The result: a surge of power you will never tire of.


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