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Ghost is for a life not bound by single office or time zone. For those who respected what has been, but know that tomorrow is theirs to shape. This is a motor car as uncompromising as the city itself and the values you live by. In an ever-changing world, Ghost is one of the most advanced motor cars ever built, designed to fit seamlessly with a transient, global lifestyle lived to Coordinated Universal Time. 


Understated power

Whether you decide to drive or be driven, Ghost is a sign that says you know the difference between confidence and bravado. Understated beauty and composure matched with a surge of power that comes from within. All with a whisper-quiet ride that enables you to do business or entertain in your own time and space.


Business on your terms

Each Ghost that leaves the Home of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars at Goodwood is hand-built to order, giving you the unique opportunity to shape the motor car in your vision – ensuring it’s as uncompromising in every detail as the very values you live by.


The Power of Simplicity

When a handpicked team of Rolls-Royce designers gathered together in secret, they sought to create a new style of motor car: one that was modern and dynamic. Musing on the co-existence of power and restraint, and ensuring they stayed true to the Rolls-Royce legacy, Ghost was born.


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