A pure expression of simplicity, Ghost was the perfect project for our Head of Interior Design, Alan Sheppard. As a world leader in his field, Sheppard has always believed in the power of clean design. And, with contemporary and elegant interiors as his trademark, Ghost was in safe hands.


The unique interiors of both Phantom and Ghost came down to the imaginations of Sheppard and his team. On both occasions, the process started with a ‘mind monologue’: a verbal blueprint written down to capture initial thoughts on the models’ personalities.

When it came to defining the essence of Ghost, Sheppard began with the analogy of choosing the right shoes. The perfect pair need to feel comfortable, whatever their surroundings: “Ghost’s personality transcends the normal confines of large luxury motor cars. So it is unlikely to be wrong-footed when events set a different course to that which was planned.”

Along with sketches and prototypes, the mind monologue helped to dissolve debate. If the team were questioning the interior proportions or materials, they would simply refer back to the written tool.


Despite designing the interiors for both Ghost and Phantom, there’s only one parallel Sheppard draws between the two – the signature level of craftsmanship that goes into each.

“At Rolls-Royce, we have a fascination and respect for the traditions and abilities of the artisan. This allows us to open up authentic possibilities denied to vehicles with origins firmly rooted in mass production,” explains Sheppard.

Where Phantom is more upright, Ghost is about svelte, lithe lines falling into the horizontal. It creates a feeling of effortless fluidity by keeping the eye moving.

Powerful but unobtrusive, Ghost has a contemporary elegance. The interior has that air of calm confidence so typical of a Rolls-Royce. And, although the journey was long, Ghost owes its appearance to a set of words on a page.


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