Astronomers, legendary sultans, classical symphonies… Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. When you commission a Rolls-Royce, our Bespoke team collaborate with you to make more than a distinctive design. Through detailed drawings, computer-generated blueprints and world-class craftsmanship, they strive to bring your idea of perfection to life.

Discover the story behind these four truly unique Ghosts.


Ghost Inspired by Classical Composers

A design that serenades the senses. Commissioned for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Abu Dhabi, this exquisite collection of Bespoke Ghosts take their cue from some of the world’s greatest classical composers. From Bach to Beethoven, each virtuoso’s most influential score is inlayed in gold into the Barrel Oak and Dark Heart Ebony veneer of the dashboard. A unique note motif embellishes the interior, from handstitched leather headrests to the elegant clock. Completing the symphony is a stunning Starlight Headliner, featuring over 700 fibre optic lights illuminated in the shape of a treble clef. A perfectly composed creation.


Mysore Ghost Extended Wheelbase

Named after the ‘Tiger of Mysore’, a legendary sultan and ruler of southern India’s Mysore kingdom, this Bespoke model brings together the power of the tiger and the prowess of the peacock. A jewel in Ghost’s crown, the two-tone Peacock Blue and White exterior is complemented by a hand-painted peacock gracing the twin coachlines.

Inside, the same motif is inlaid into the marquetry. While Seashell leather is punctuated by hand-stitched tiger motifs on the headrests. The final finesse comes when you lower the central armrest: feather embroidery in Moccasin and vivid Turchese is revealed – as a peacock unfolds its fan of colours.


Suhail Collection

The Suhail Collection celebrates the life of influential mathematician and astronomer Ibn Al-Haytham. Named after a sequence of stars visible from Arabia, a shimmering Moonstone Pearl exterior shines as brilliantly as its namesake. While inside, Crème Light leather, a handcrafted star motif and the Bespoke Starlight Headliner transport you to another world, beneath your own constellation.



A magnificent presence glamorised by the epitome of luxury. The peerless Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance features the world’s first paint finish created with crushed diamonds. Crafted using a special process to produce a fine powder, 1,000 ethically-sourced diamonds were added to the paint to give a luxurious, glistening finish. Exuding elegance in every detail, the car’s interior provides a haven of opulence. Selby grey leather contrasts strikingly with black leather, with Bespoke crests embroidered into the headrests. Designed to stand the test of time, the end result is a truly Bespoke model of unapologetic luxury.


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