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Company information

Registered Name of Company: VERSION GROUP CO. LTD
Company Registered Address: 14-21, Katakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Japan 812-0043
Legal Invoicing Address of Contracting Party: Same as above

Dealer Location & Country: 14-21,Katakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Japan 812-0043

Company Registration Number: 2900-01-029093


When a customer is visiting (I assume it "customer" as follows) in our site, we respect a privacy policy, we will manage our offered visitors information with extreme caution.


Way of thinking of the personal information

The personal information is the information about the individual whom a visitor is input into in our site and says a worth thing if we distinguish an individual.


Collection of personal information

In our site, in the case of following we collect personal information from a visitor.

  • When we have the inquiry for the vehicle of the vehicle stock information page from a form.
  • When we have an inquiry from the used car for free purchase assessment page with the purchase assessment form.
  • When you inquire from the inquiry form of the inquiry window page.
  • When you inquire it from the inquiry form of the latest information & topics page.


The use of the personal information

When we shall use personal information for the purpose of the following in our site and use personal information in the purpose except these, we shall obtain consent from a customer individually.

  • To answer for the contents which was inquired from a customer.
  • To inform you by mail, a telephone, an E-mail to offer a periodic inspection, car inspection and the guidance of the insurance expiration of a term.
  • To carry out questionary survey by mail, a telephone, an E-mail for product development and service improvement.
  • For sale, the stocking, registration, the report of the vehicle, it is said the acquisition, the use by personal information listed like the registration document and a periodic inspection record book; in the sale ahead, a buyer and or a supplier for the offer in a document (the main body and copy) or the electronic medium.
  • To perform person confirmation by driver's licenses, and to list it in the antique account book based on the antique business method.


Management of the personal information

We shall manage it severely in the safe environmental bottom where a general user cannot access with a management representative of the personal information, and, in our site, disclosure does not leak personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the customer except the next case (the project owner or client is excluded).

  • When we disclose it in the third party concerned or the police after our site judged that a customer gives a disadvantage to a third party
  • When disclosure about the personal information of the visitor is demanded from a court, the Public Prosecutor's Office, the police, a bar association, consumers center or the organization having authority to follow these
  • When it is necessary to disclose personal information for the purpose of protecting a right and the property of our site, I may disclose the statistics information of the visitor for the legal purpose of others by our service to a cooperation company (I include the company which can become the cooperation company), an advertiser, other third parties to again explanation the services we provide on the case. But the information that can distinguish an individual visitor shall not be included in statistics information.


Correction, deletion of the personal information

When disclosure, a correction or deletion is called for, in our site, a visitor, please use an inquiry page establishing in our site about the personal information that a visitor was registered with. In conformity with a predetermined procedure, we are able to cope. In addition, [reference] displaying in the end of a sentence of this privacy policy will be able to inform us.