Close up of a person fixing a Rolls-Royce Motor Car V12 engine. Close up of a person fixing a Rolls-Royce Motor Car V12 engine. Close up of a person fixing a Rolls-Royce Motor Car V12 engine. Close up of a person fixing a Rolls-Royce Motor Car V12 engine.



For complete peace of mind, your new Rolls-Royce comes complete with a four-year comprehensive ownership package, regardless of the motor car’s mileage* (Regional dealer warranty applies). This includes servicing, repairs and maintenance, as well as roadside assistance. 

To make servicing faster and more effective, every new Rolls-Royce features Condition Based Servicing. This means sensors in your Rolls-Royce actively monitor important components such as engine oil, brake pads and filters. If you’ve signed a ‘Get Connected’ form, this information will be transmitted to your dealership so that services can be scheduled to meet the precise needs of your vehicle, at a time most suited to you.

Two men attached a wheel and servicing a Rolls-Royce Motor Car.

Every Rolls-Royce Motor Cars technician, in every authorised dealership worldwide, has been trained by an experienced team at Goodwood – the Home of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. They have access to the most innovative diagnostic service equipment available. And their ongoing training means they are always on top of the latest technology in your car.

Technical information for independent repairers can be accessed here.

Enhanced Ownership programme

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Enhanced Ownership programme uses innovative technology to ensure you always receive the best service. The programme has two features. Rolls-Royce Teleservices is a unique offering that delivers a seamless maintenance experience, while Rolls-Royce Assist offers a swift and effective response in times of a vehicle emergency.

Rolls-Royce Teleservices and Rolls-Royce Assist are available for certain models in an exclusive number of countries. Please contact your authorised Rolls-Royce dealer to find out if your model is eligible.

Rolls-Royce Genuine Parts

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars are the pinnacle of automotive engineering. Preserving the integrity of our motor cars is of paramount importance to maintaining their durability. That’s why we only use Rolls-Royce Genuine Parts, manufactured to our exacting standards and engineered for quality, performance and safety. Expertly fitted by certified Rolls-Royce technicians at our authorised dealerships, Rolls-Royce Genuine Parts ensure that your investment retains its authenticity.



Every new Rolls-Royce is protected by a four-year, unlimited mileage, regional dealer warranty* from the date of first retail or registration whichever is earlier. The warranty encompasses a wide range of serviceable vehicle components to minimise any inconvenience to you during the warranty period. It extends to the region in which your car was first registered, ensuring the vehicle is optimised for its environment. Wherever you drive your Rolls-Royce within your delivery region, we support our authorised network to make sure any necessary repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently by an authorised Rolls-Royce dealer or workshop.

*Exclusions and conditions apply: Certain adaptations, modifications or alterations to your Rolls-Royce may invalidate or void the warranty and can also impact the functionality of some driver assistance systems. Please contact your dealer for more information. (Unlimited mileage does not apply to commercially used vehicles)

Rolls-Royce Service Inclusive

A new Rolls-Royce is truly complete with Rolls-Royce Service Inclusive.

Introducing our unrivalled ownership package, seamlessly activated after the initial four years. You can enjoy the reassurance of an additional two, three or five years of effortless motoring.

Protect your motor car with the unparalleled level of service offered by our authorised network of Rolls-Royce Dealers. Our uncompromising standards, meticulous care and drive for excellence can now maintain your Rolls-Royce motor car for up to nine years.

Rolls-Royce Service Inclusive is available on all Rolls-Royce Motor Cars produced from 2003 onwards.

Please contact your authorised Rolls-Royce Dealer to discuss the benefits of Rolls-Royce Service Inclusive.


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars recommends handing the vehicle in at a take-back point nominated by the manufacturer at the end of its life cycle. The regulations concerning the returning of end-of-life vehicles may vary from country to country. Additional information is available from a service partner of the manufacturer or another qualified service partner or a specialist workshop.

Battery Recycling (UK)

All battery producers in the UK must be registered with the Environment Agency as part of an EU-wide initiative to increase battery collection and recycling, and reduce the risk of releasing hazardous substances into the environment.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd is registered as a Producer of Batteries (Registration Number BPRN00794) as we are the first in our selling chain to make batteries available in our product for sale on the UK market.

As a producer of automotive batteries under the 2009 Waste Batteries and Accumulators regulations, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd are obliged to collect, free of charge and within a reasonable time, waste automotive batteries for treatment and recycling from final holders. Customers who require us to take back any automotive batteries should contact their local dealership who will agree the necessary arrangements for collection, proper treatment and recycling.

As a producer of industrial batteries under the 2009 Waste Batteries and Accumulators regulations, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd produce lead acid batteries and are obliged to take back free of charge, waste industrial batteries for treatment and recycling. Customers, or in certain cases other end users, who require us to take back any industrial batteries should contact their local dealership who will agree the necessary arrangements for return, proper treatment and recycling.


On rare occasions, an issue is discovered in a Rolls-Royce model. If we feel that this will have any effect on vehicle safety, we issue a recall. Customers in North America can check if their Rolls-Royce is subject to a recall here.


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