Terms and Conditions

In line with our continual pursuit of excellence, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars experience for our clients.

Given this, we have an updated set of Teleservices ‘Get Connected’ terms and conditions that you have previously accepted.

Amendments will come into effect on 9 March 2022, along with the renaming of ‘Teleservices’ to ‘Rolls-Royce Connected’.


What Are the New Updates?

• Descriptions of two exciting new features, “My Info” and “Remote Services” have been added.

With “My Info” your vehicle will be enabled to receive in-car messages that only you will be able to send from a digital touchpoint (like a mobile app). “Remote Services” will enable an enhanced motor car experience through a secure transmission of your vehicle’s health and invulnerability to you – for example, confirmation whether the doors are secured, or the vehicle’s last location. (This function can be turned off at any time in the vehicle’s settings.)

• An update has been made to the privacy notice to reflect the data processing changes which will enable these new services. As always, we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and will only use your personal information for these services in accordance with the data protection law in the UK and this privacy notice.

• The ‘Teleservices’ name will change to ‘Rolls-Royce Connected’.

For full details of the new terms and conditions please click the button below.

(As of 9 March 2022, these will be renamed to “Rolls-Royce Connected T&Cs”.)


If you are happy with the updates referenced above, the good news is that you do not need to do anything.

Should you disagree with the amendments, you can choose to cancel your Teleservices agreement. Please be aware that cancelling your Teleservices services will deactivate all of your cars telematics functionality such as, but not limited, to WiFi Hotspot, Real Time Traffic Information, Mobile Care, etc. To cancel, please sign the Teleservices Waiver Form and either send the completed document to or alternatively, your local Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dealer will gladly assist you.