Spain, Italy, France: our wood specialists travel all over to source and handpick the finest woods to craft into veneers. With over 20,000 different varieties available, the grain of each veneer is as unique as a human fingerprint. No two Rolls-Royce motor cars are ever the same.


Rolls-Royce marquetry is world-class. A single tree produces just enough material to make the veneers for one Rolls-Royce motor car. Bespoke Interior Wood Trim Planner Dan Austin has the privilege of handpicking the wood: “I look for remarkable pieces that have interesting structures and patterns. And, because we handpick the wood, we can trace it back to where and when we felled it.”

Each set of veneers takes over a month to handcraft, and demands extraordinary patience and precision. Layer by layer, our skilled craftspeople remove ultra-thin slices of veneer with a rotating razor-sharp blade. Collecting them in sequence like the pages of a book, our experts keep the veneers in their natural order as they sand, lacquer and polish them. Then, when it’s time to fit them, the veneers can be bookmatched by eye to achieve a perfectly symmetrical sweep.

“When the veneers have been crafted and fitted, you look at the dashboard and you’ve got this beautiful, seamless join down the middle of the interior. From left to right, every single detail is identical. It’s a stunning picture,” Austin explains.


The beautiful moment when craft and technology meet is what sets Rolls-Royce apart. Using state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment, the Woodshop team can create infinite designs to make your motor car unique to you.

“We can make something as understated as a set of initials to something that uses over 200 different pieces of wood. With the varying veneers and grain directions, we can produce some remarkable effects,” explains Jim Fowles, one of our Woodshop Associates.

The Majestic Horse Ghost is a stunning example of Bespoke marquetry. Timed to coincide with the highly auspicious Year of the Horse, it was the first time the element ‘wood’ and the horse have been marked in the same year for more than half a century.

To celebrate, we created an exquisite, contemporary horse motif inspired by classical Chinese art and featured it on the coachlines, headrests and cushions. But the instance that impresses the most is inlaid into the dashboard: “For the horse motif on the fascia, we used American walnut, figured anegre, maple, and dark and fumed oak veneers to create a beautiful 3D effect. It really is quite striking,” says Fowles.

The possibilities to personalise your Rolls-Royce are only limited by your imagination. After all, inspiration can come from anywhere. With highly skilled craftspeople and cutting-edge technology at your disposal, share your vision with our specialists and make your Rolls-Royce unique to you.


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