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Phantom Zenith Collection

The pursuit of perfection has no end. But now, as Phantom Coupé and Phantom Drophead Coupé prepare to bow out at the very height of their power and glory, we take a step closer.

Witness the Phantom Zenith Collection. Last of their line, these models bear the name ‘Zenith’ as they are, quite simply, some of the finest and rarest Rolls-Royce ever made.


The Phantom Zenith Collection signals the last Phantom Coupés and Phantom Drophead Coupés that will ever be built. And when they leave our home in Goodwood, history will be made. The assembly line will be taken up, piece by piece, to make way for a new generation of handcrafted, technologically-advanced Phantoms.

But the legacy lives on. Each Phantom Zenith Collection model comes with a priceless piece of Goodwood for their owners to cherish. A section of rail from the assembly line that has been especially prepared to fit in your motor car, or to be displayed in a beautiful presentation box called the Z Box, wherever you choose. Now transformed into a unique work of art, each piece has been finely laser-etched with the co-ordinates of its location. Then lovingly finished with black enamel and set within a polished aluminium ingot.


“As the name promises, Phantom Zenith Collection will be the pinnacle,” explains Director of Design, Giles Taylor. “The best of its kind; the highest standard achievable by which everything else is judged. It will be the sum of all the best features of Phantom Coupé and Phantom Drophead Coupé, with a few surprises added. We shall not look upon their like again.” 


To create this vision of perfection, the design team at Goodwood looked back to the classics. The Phantom Zenith Collection’s three elegant colourways are inspired by iconic Rolls-Royces. The high-contrast navy and white colour palette takes cues from the original 1925 Phantom, while the richly decadent red and black scheme recalls the 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom II. For a subtler, more genteel aesthetic, you can opt for a seashell and grey colourway based on the 1911 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost (known as the 1701).


Sleek, seductive and sociable, these are pleasure-seeking motor cars that set your pulse racing as you glide onwards.

The picnic boot opens out to reveal a private hosting area complete with a coolbox, illuminated glass shelf, champagne holder and a leather seat for two. The perfect spot to bask in the late afternoon sun, or relish a mountaintop vista.

Phantom Coupé comes with the magical Starlight Headliner as standard, with a concentration of stars above the driver. Sink back into expanses of soft full-grain leather, as the starlight fibres cast their glow over you.


Motor cars such as these deserve the finest of accessories. The Phantom Zenith Collection Picnic Hamper is a masterpiece of Bespoke design, celebrating the sociable nature of Phantom Coupé and Phantom Drophead Coupé. Hand-crafted from American Walnut and finished in natural grain leather, each hamper is tailored to match the colour of your Phantom Zenith Collection car and features a unique engraved plaque. Inside, a handpicked selection of artisan tableware provides everything needed for a truly memorable picnic. The pinnacle of craftsmanship, as rare as the motor cars they are made to accompany.


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