The art of packing

Travelling should be an effortless joy, right down to your choice of luggage. From observing the techniques of the Head Butler at a prestigious London hotel, the Goodwood Design Team have created a luggage concept to complement the design principles of Wraith. Innovative engineering meets exquisite craftsmanship and an elegant aesthetic.


The ultimate travel companion

The six-piece collection, including two Grand Tourers, three Long Weekenders and a Garment Carrier, has been designed to fit perfectly into the luggage compartment of your Rolls-Royce. The striking two-tone styling of the leather and stitching can be personalised, giving you opportunity to harmonise your luggage with the interior colour of your motor car. The Spirit of Ecstasy adorns each piece as a token reminder of the Rolls-Royce tradition: taking the best that exists and making it better.


A carbon fibre and high-grade aluminium frame makes the Grand Tourer effortless to manoeuvre, while also providing your belongings with superior protection. The uniquely designed wheels hold true to the smooth handling of your motor car and feature a self-levelling central monogram.


Practical and lightweight, the Long Weekender is an ideal accessory for any journey. The piece features a unique magnetic zip that keeps your belongings safe and secure, as well as distinctively crafted handles to ensure maximum comfort when carried. Lastly, the Garment Carrier keeps your formal attire in pristine condition throughout your journey. 


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