Live up to your own expectations

Being driven in Ghost Extended Wheelbase is like being immersed in pure luxury. Delivering all the poise and dynamism of Ghost but with 17 centimetres of extra legroom. Room to think. Room to entertain and relax. Room to succeed. Enjoy the extended possibilities open to you, enabled by a motor car built for the here and now. 


Tomorrow is yours to shape

Bespoke is your chance to make your own vision a reality. To influence every detail and ensure Ghost Extended Wheelbase serves as an effortless extension to your life.


Craft without compromise

The perfection of Rolls-Royce comes down to precision and patience. And our master craftspeople demonstrate both when it comes to hand-building each and every Ghost Extended Wheelbase.


Elegance has arrived

Instantly recognisable from the front, the elegant bonnet leads stylishly to the LED headlights and unbroken daytime running lights. The soft sculpting of the bumper and rear grille, together with the aerodynamic jet air intake-styled front grille, enhance its sheer dynamism.


Your private sanctuary

Stepping into Ghost Extended Wheelbase is like stepping into your own private hideaway. Entertain, work or simply relax with extra legroom and the pure silence Rolls-Royce is admired for. Sit back and surround yourself in style.


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