Couture like never before

The spirited youthfulness of Rolls-Royce Dawn is an attitude it shares with some of the world’s most celebrated, avant-garde fashion designers. Dawn Inspired By Fashion blends timeless style with the spontaneous energy of high-contrast colour, to make the boldest of statements.


The appeal of high-end fashion is undoubtedly its ability to combine exquisite hand-crafting and enduring style principles, with a contemporary twist. A philosophy that has long-bound Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and the fashion world. It was some of the most coveted collections from the catwalks of London, Paris, New York and Milan that played muse for Dawn Inspired By Fashion.


Step inside and the Bespoke features of this unique motor car evoke the same attention to detail as an exquisitely tailored piece. The Design team mastered specialist methods for Dawn Inspired By Fashion, such as the highly complex craft of seamless stitching.

The intense accent colour is worked into the finest details on the headrests, seats and steering wheel. Silk-lined door pockets are adorned with a modern interpretation of the Spirit of Ecstasy monogram, set precisely at fifty-five degrees to complement the lines of the door. And the unique Inspired By Fashion clock sits like a jewelled accessory, styled exclusively to emit an iridescent pearl effect.





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