Serenity Phantom takes its inspiration from the idyllic gardens of Japan. It embodies tranquillity and offers a sanctuary for reflection. Finished with a Bespoke Mother of Pearl paint, Serenity Phantom features a delicate hand-painted blossom motif, echoing the blossom trees from the Far East.


The one and only Serenity Phantom is everything that its name suggests and more. Inspired by the Oriental tradition of emperors retreating to private gardens to reflect under blossom trees, the design allows passengers to stretch out in the rear compartment and relax as the outside world slips past.

Using the finest silk for the most opulent interior, Rolls-Royce turned to the craftspeople of Suzhou – a Chinese town renowned for its imperial embroidery – to hand-dye the silk. The silk was then taken to one of Britain’s oldest mills to be hand-woven into the 10 metres of fabric that lines the interior of Serenity Phantom.

The Bespoke team's textile experts, Cherica Haye and Michelle Lusby, embroidered the blossom motif onto the silk. Adding the final touches with a delicate painting technique known as unconscious painting. This involves being completely relaxed and allowing the paintbrush to lead the way, rather than thinking of where to guide it. The finished piece is a uniquely modern take on centuries-old silk chinoiserie.


The overall aesthetic inside takes design cues from European furniture and Japanese royal robes. In the rear compartment, the elevated and empowering seating position is accentuated with frames on seats made from smoked cherrywood. The cherrywood continues within the cabin and is further embellished with bamboo cross banding.

The seats in the front of Serenity Phantom are clothed in Arctic White leather, making a visual distinction between passengers and driver. It’s an altogether minimal design, with delicate mother of pearl used to adorn the dials on the dashboard and rear door cappings. Laser-cut and hand-applied, it replicates the blossom motif of the silk.

The exterior of Serenity Phantom dazzles. Its Bespoke Mother of Pearl paint is the most expensive one-off paint ever developed by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. It takes three coats to create the pearl effect, which is then hand-polished for 12 hours to deliver a shimmering presence. With a delicate two-colour coachline and a three-colour blossom motif hinting at what’s to come inside.

The design of Serenity Phantom is truly innovative, modern and tranquil. And is testament to the unparalleled opportunity for personalisation when you commission a Rolls-Royce motor car.


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