Ghost Six Senses

Six Senses. One Sensation.

Few things stimulate all of our senses at once to awaken that indescribable sixth sense experienced in a Rolls-Royce.

Kris Sukhu, Designer.

The world of luxury is full of experiences that captivate the senses. A dazzling diamond necklace; a cloud of fragrance created in the parfumeries of Grasse; the pure sound of a Stradivarius; or the caress of cool silk on skin.

These objects of desire excite one, or sometimes two, of our five senses. Few things in life stimulate all of our senses at once to awaken the elusive sixth sense. The Ghost Six Senses concept has been designed specifically with this in mind, a modern masterpiece that creates a new level of sensory indulgence.

Unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show 2012, this unique Ghost Extended Wheelbase reaffirms a simple truth: a Rolls-Royce motor car always presents so much more than the sum of its beautiful parts.