Ghost Inspirations

Our designers find inspiration everywhere. They have created these unique cars to inspire you as you create your own Ghost. These cars make an excellent starting point to explore your ideas on our Configurator.

  • Ghost Inspiration 1

    Inspired by Ghost Six Senses, this car offers a unique sensory experience.

  • Ghost Inspiration 2

    A modern take on two-tone paint, offering a striking contrast in sun and shadow.

  • Ghost Inspiration 3

    Inspired by the tailor’s art of highlighting a dark suit with flashes of striking colour.

  • Ghost Inspiration 4

    Pure Arabian Blue shows off Ghost’s lines beautifully, contrasting with the Seashell interior.

  • Ghost Inspiration 5

    This Ghost Extended Wheelbase matches rich Madiera Red with the warm tones of Black Kirsch.

  • Ghost Inspiration 6

    A bold stylish black and red colour scheme flows seamlessly between interior and exterior.

  • Inspired spec 1

  • Inspired spec 2

  • Inspired spec 3

  • Inspired spec 4

  • Inspired spec 5

  • Inspired spec 6